Lyrics to “Mama Can Manage”

(the opening song in ‘The Great Struggle for Cheap Meat”)

These streets are not very nice, not very nice
and inside there the hall and the stair
are not very nice
the number this building should hold
and there’s always more

You come up now, this staircase is old
Such a crowd, such a noise
and it’s always this way, always this way

Hello, darling, you eat yet?
I baked something extra
Rebecca will get it
and see, I was saying, that’s life

Do like I tell you, open the door.  Go on.
Well, what do you want?
What were you hoping?
There’s not much space and not much air
Just this room here and that room there
But listen to me, it’s clean
It’s clean in here
I made it clean in here

And these children are fed
My soup’s on the stove
Smells good, nod your head
Smells good, you agree
Yes, yes, smells good

Sit down, that chair is the best
You don’t need to worry
You’re here, you’re a guest
Just listen to me, I know what I’m saying
And drink, drink this cup of tea

I’m saying, I’m only saying
This is life
and Mama can manage

– lyrics to the opening song in ‘The Great Struggle for Cheap Meat’, the story of the 1902 Kosher Meat Boycott in 29 songs. Written by Ryan Gilliam, music by Michael Hickey.

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